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June 2020 - GRANTED: Why White People Stay Silent on Racism, and What to Read and Watch

May 2020 - GRANTED: Win a video chat with me and support COVID-19 relief

April 2020 - GRANTED: Why we misjudge the people we think we know

March 2020 - GRANTED: Success is a squiggly line, and goals are meant to be lumped and sliced

​February 2020 - GRANTED: Good listening and bad PowerPoint

​January 2020 - GRANTED: The 20 new books to read in 2020 and your highlights from 2019

​December 2019 - GRANTED: A more nuanced view of empathy, confidence, and culture fit

​November 2019 - GRANTED: The wrong ways to pursue success and happiness

October 2019 - GRANTED: Becoming a thinker and a lifelong reader

September 2019 - GRANTED: The new books to read this fall

August 2019 - GRANTED: Having more thoughtful arguments and being a more thoughtful mentee

​​​July 2019 - GRANTED: Your stress probably isn't burnout and your professional decline probably isn't imminent​

June 2019 - GRANTED: The hidden costs of passion and the unexpected benefits of kindness​

May 2019 - GRANTED: Becoming less of a forgetter and more of a forgiver

April 2019 - GRANTED: Overcoming procrastination and raising responsible adults

March 2019 - GRANTED: The value of going outdoors, outside your expertise, and to the outsiders inside your team

February 2019 - GRANTED: What psychological safety is not and why we choose the wrong careers

January 2019 - GRANTED: Your favorite reads of last year and the new leadership books to start this one

December 2018 - GRANTED: Giving up on perfect grades and speaking truth to power

November 2018 - GRANTED: When to trust your gut and how to get people to embrace change​

October 2018 - GRANTED: What leaders get wrong about management and how to embrace curiosity and humility

September 2018 - GRANTED: Making long-term decisions and long-term friendships

August 2018 - GRANTED: The 4-day work week and what different generations really want out of work

July 2018 - GRANTED: The two kinds of respect employees want and why you should bet on older entrepreneurs

June 2018 - GRANTED: Finding joy and making conference panels less horrible

May 2018 - GRANTED: Wondering why middle managers get such a bad rap and how to change it

May 2018 - GRANTED: Picking the right career and tricking people to be on time

April 2018 - GRANTED: How to stop listening to the loudest person in the room and harness laughter for creativity

March 2018 - GRANTED: The costs of convenience and the benefits of humility

February 2018 - GRANTED: Why people really quit their jobs and a sneak preview of my new podcast

January 2018 - GRANTED: Cultivating creativity, productivity, and curiosity in 2018 (and beyond)

December 2017 - GRANTED: A better way to end workplace harassment and how to handle not-so-happy holidays

November 2017 - GRANTED: Let's agree to disagree more often

October 2017 - GRANTED: Going backwards toward success and my new favorite word

September 2017 - GRANTED: What to add to your goals and the best new fall books to read

August 2017 - GRANTED: The value of forgetting and the future of work

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June 2017 - GRANTED: How we really learn and why we should all be more like Goldilocks

May 2017 - GRANTED: Bouncing back from failure and the problem with hiring ninjas

April 2017 - GRANTED: New book, getting better at learning and reflecting, and the forgotten value of followers

March 2017 - GRANTED: A new type of bias and how not to burn out while helping out

February 2017 - GRANTED: On Being Rude, Busy, and Selfish

January 2017 - GRANTED: Why opinions, networking, and living in the moment are overrated

December 2016 - GRANTED: Why Willpower Doesn’t Get Drained and Instagram is a Hufflepuff

November 2016 - GRANTED: Embracing our harshest critics—and a new feature

October 2016 - GRANTED: Why I don’t vote and you should confess your mistakes to your coworkers

September 2016 - GRANTED: Making small talk less painful, plus my favorite books to read this fall

August 2016 - GRANTED: What we get wrong about gratitude and why good storytellers are happier

July 2016 - GRANTED: A list of things you’ll never do and the loneliness of creative work

June 2016 - GRANTED: Revamping the election, bouncing back from failure, and why you shouldn't be yourself

May 2016 - GRANTED: Cat videos, honest men, and what your inbox says about you

April 2016 - GRANTED: TED, The Real Meaning of Happiness, and Why Women Leave

March 2016 - GRANTED: Procrastination, resilience, and what to fear instead of failure

February 2016 - GRANTED: Opening other people's minds—and our own

January 2016 - GRANTED: Tips for Predicting the Future, Avoiding Conflict, and Sounding Smart

December 2015 - GRANTED: Book Tour Details and Something Better than Gratitude

November 2015 - GRANTED: Why chasing happiness chases it away, who holds women back, and a dash of self-deprecation